Balakrishna NTR BIOPIC Updates

Balakrishna Nandamuri is all excited about the two-part biopic that he is making on his father Sr NTR. While the first part of the biopic is going to focus on the childhood, personal life and the acting career of the legendary actor, the second part of the biopic is going to throw focus on the political career of Sr NTR. Titled as Mahanayakudu, the movie will trace the journey of Sr NTR as a politician in establishing Telugu Desam Party, coming to the power and the consequences that happened after that.

Meanwhile, Balakrishna has included a lot of anti-Congress dialogues and sequences in the movie to make sure the reality that took place in 1983 during the establishment of TDP. But, Telugu Desam Party, headed by Chandra Babu now took a U-Turn by withdrawing the support to BJP and started a friendship with Congress party. They teamed up for the Telangana polls recently too. This development made Balakrishna confused and has removed those anti-Congress sequences from the movie.

But, now, with the defeat in the Telangana polls, TDP and Congress might part ways soon and will start criticizing one another again. Hence, Balakrishna was put in a fix by Chandrababu as he is not in a position to decide on the conflict in the second part of the biopic.