Caste Situations in Telangana Assembly

              It is Reddy’s dominance yet again in Telangana Assembly. Out of the 119 newly elected MLAs, 40 members hail from the Reddy community while TRS has 31 of them and the rest are from Congress party.

             BCs are the second largest in the Telangana assembly as the number stood at 22. 18 of them won on behalf of TRS party and Congress contributed 2. If the BC caste is classified, six are of Munnuru Kapu community and five belonged to Yadavs and four are from Goud caste.

         The Schedule Caste and Tribe community have 19 and 12 representatives respectively. Out of the 19 SCs, TRS MLAs are 15 of them and if further classified, nine belong to Madiga community and 6 are Malas.

    To everyone’s surprise K Chandrashekar Rao’s community which is Velama has only 10 MLAs presence and the minority Muslims have 8 members.

      Kamma caste also got place in T’assembly. TRS allotted six seats to them while five of them won and TDP fielded 3 Kammas, but none of them won the elections.

     The last in this list are Brahmins and Vysyas who managed to win 2 and one seats respectively.

     Overall, the caste wise equations in the Telangana assembly is marginally similar to that of 2014. Now we have to see the new Telangana cabinet.