Nagababu calls Hindudharmagraha Yatra

         Nagababu who recently named himself as one of the controversial person in the Mega family, never been behind to make any sort of remarks on anybody in support of his brothers.In the same fashion, he has recently said, he doesn’t know who Balakrishna is, when fans of balayya slammed him, he has come up with yet another satire and taunted showing an old comedian photo and said sorry, I forgot him during my interview and time and again said he is a good comedian. This again doesn’t go well with fans of Balayya..

          Nagababu today called all the Hindu’ s out there for attending Hindudharmagraha Yatra which being held under Swamy paripurnananda direction.

         Since Nagababu is busy shooting foreign country couldn’t make it, therefore he asked every Hindu to make it out and show the Hindu unity.