Telangana Voter Deletion: YCP Smells The Same In AP!

With lakhs of votes being deleted across Telangana in the recently held Assembly elections, YSR Congress Party in Andhra Pradesh is taking measures to ensure that such a blunder doesn’t repeat in the state’s Assembly Elections due in 5 months.

          Claiming that Telugu Desam Party has held discreet surveys across Andhra Pradesh and has been deleting voters who are pro-YSRCP, the party leaders have approached the State Election Commission Today and asked them to probe into it. “They (TDP) have created several bogus votes in places where there are YSRCP voters. They are changing alphabets in the names of voters and registering them,” YSRCP MP Vijay Said Reddy alleged.

          What this could also mean is that YSRCP has seen an opportunity to show TDP government in bad light and portray itself as the saviour. This could turn out to be a great strategy for the YSRCP if it succeeds. Given that AP has a strong opposition party, it could usher in more headache for the ruling government if YSRCP can prove it.

        Looks like the TDP government needs to be aware of what’s coming and ensure that deletion of voters does not take place as it happened in the neighbouring state of Telangana.