TRS Spends 100crs In a Consistency..?

They say money can buy you everything. In a Democracy, it holds true for elections too. You can not only buy people what they like or eat, but you can also buy their vote just by appeasing them.

     In the recently concluded Assembly elections in Telangana, money seems to have played a major role, say political observers. Like never before, money has been spent and distributed across Telangana, they add. Speculations are rife that at least 10 constituencies have witnessed more Rs. 100 Cr spent for election campaigning as well as distribution to voters.

     There were also schemes like win a bike or smartphone to attract people to vote. On the other hand, scores of migrant laborers came back to their villages to earn the money distributed by political parties during electioneering. Election season is generally seen as a bonus hour for the poor. There were also jokes doing rounds on social media that they shared saying once the election season is over, they would go back to being “poor”.

   From paying these people to attend political rallies to paying them to vote for a particular party, the role of money, especially the arrival of Rs 2000 currency note make a huge difference. While the penetration of bribe into our voting system has escalated, let us hope that people realize to be conscious and cast their vote honestly without the influence of money or other materialistic things.