‘Truck’ symbol troubles TRS ‘Car’…

        TRS party has witnessed a landslide victory but in few constituencies, their candidates won with slight majority. Post analysis, TRS leaders have come to a conclusion that ‘TRUCK’ symbol has  killed many candidates chances and also brought down their majority.

          This ‘TRUCK’ symbol belongs to All India Forward Bloc party (ALFB) and at several constituencies, their candidates stood in third position pushing BJP and other noted parties behind. Having closest resemblance with that of TRS party’s car symbol is the main reason.

        Former chief whip Koppula Eshwar won with a slight majority of 441 votes from Dharmapuri. Here in every round of counting, ALFB candidate got a minimum of 1000 votes and so Eshwar was trailing till eighth round. He breathed easy in the final round. ALFB candidate got over 12,000 votes here.

       In Nikerakal constituency, ALFB candidate got over 10,000 votes and stood in third position. His name is known only a few and but the votes he got is quite shocking. Here TRS candidate got 85,000 votes while Congress candidate got 93,000 votes. Definitely, these votes belong to TRS, say the pink party leaders.

      They opined that many voters who are less educated and have poor eye sight got confused with ‘CAR’ and ‘TRUCK’ symbols. As it is listed on the bottom of the EVM, voters did vote for ‘TRUCK.’

          Back in 2014, it was the three-wheeler ‘AUTO’ symbol that troubled many candidates and now it is a ‘TRUCK.’ The TRS party is considering to give a representation to the Election Commission regarding the symbol issues.